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Treat yourself to a complete transformation with the use of our specialized ZenFusion rope!


Using our ZenFusion rope in Flow rope routines provides a dynamic full-body workout. Designed to perfectly align with your abilities, this equipment will improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility and overall wellness.


But that's not all ! Your cognitive agility will also be challenged thanks to the simple to more complex Flow rope routines. Stimulate your mind, improve your concentration, strengthen your memory and develop your problem-solving skills. Opt for physical and mental transformation with our EcoZenFlex ropes!


  • Our rope, designed in Quebec and handmade with a weight of 475g (approx.) and a length of 10’ (approx.) between the handles, will offer you exceptional fluidity of execution.

    It will offer you greater movement versatility and allow you to create new movements more easily while alerting you when you are not holding the rope adequately!

    * We recommend that you systematically consult your healthcare professional for optimal use of this tool in your daily routine, taking into account your physical condition.

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